Antti Kalevi


Aurinko (2016) ceramic cup and wooden saucer design for Silta

Hey baby

Hey baby (2016) computer drawing


!? (2016) computer drawing

Pattern I

Pattern I in red (2016) ink


Dandelions (2016) computer drawing

Portraits of Plants

White Flower on Black and White Striped Background, Peach Flower, Blue Flower on Red Dotted Background (2016) 100x140cm giglée printed computer drawings

Heaven's On Fire

Heaven's On Fire (2016) computer drawing


Bulevardi (2016) computer drawing

Pattern II

Pattern II in red (2016) ink

Red and Yellow Flower

Red and Yellow Flower (2016) 100x140cm giglée printed computer drawing

Blue Flower on Black and White Striped Background

Blue Flower on Black and White Striped Background (2015) 100x140cm giglée printed computer drawing

Pattern III

Pattern III in red (2016) ink

the new york times

Dreams and Reality (2015) computer drawings

Set of illustrations created for the New York Times.


Coloring with Antti Kalevi (2015)

Illustrations for a children's coloring book published by Etana Editions.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Mailbag (2015) computer drawing

Illustration for the November 2015 issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

Elle Italia

Elle Horoscopes (2015)

A set of 12 illustrations created for Elle Italia’s horoscope booklet.

Pattern IV

Pattern IV in black (2016) ink

Still Life With a Bowl of Fruits, Chili and Orange Juice

Still Life With a Bowl of Fruits, Chili and Orange Juice (2015) riso printed computer drawing for Hato Press


+27° (2015) computer drawings


Biker (2015) computer drawing

Pattern V

Pattern V in black (2016) ink

Art Show

Art Show (2015) computer drawings

A series of eight illustrations created around the theme of an exhibition.

Portraits of Plants

Blue Flower, Orange Flower, Red Flower, Orange Flower II (2015) 100x140cm giclée prints

Red Flower

Red Flower (2015) 100x140cm giclée print

Pattern VI

Pattern VI in black (2016) ink

Red Flower on Black Background

Red Flower on Black Background (2015) 100x140cm giclée print


Perhonen (2015) textile design

Textile print for Kauniste Finland SS 2015 collection.

Pattern VII

Pattern VII in green (2016) ink

Portraits of Plants

Blue Flower on Red Background, Purple Flower on Red Background, Orange Flower on Red Background, White Flower on Red Background (2015) 100x140cm giclée prints

Labor Strike

Labor Strike (2015) animated computer drawing

Untitled Patterns

Untitled Patterns (2015) pattern design, detail


Era (2015) computer drawing

Illustration for Era Content website

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad (2015) pattern design, detail

Pattern VIII

Pattern VIII in green (2016) ink


Runners (2015) computer drawing

Blue vase

Blue vase (2015) computer drawing


Play (2015) computer drawings


Persaukinen ystäväsi, Kuuntele, Meidän rappu & Remu (2014–2015) album covers

Art direction and illustrations for Hätä-Miikka's debut album and Singles. Released on Johanna Kustannus. Available on Spotify and iTunes store.

Pattern IX

Pattern IX in green (2016) ink


Helmitaulu (2014) textile design

Silkscreen printed calendar teatowels and a poster for Kauniste Finland.

Secret 7"

Strange Creatures (2014) computer drawing

Cover art for Jake Bugg's Strange Creatures revamped for Secret 7's exhibition at the Mother London.